The Way


Director: Emilio Estevez

The basic story was of a man (Tom) who learns that his son (Daniel) dies in France after starting a trek called “El camino de Santiago”. We learn that after the man’s wife died he and his son were no longer close, and he decides to finish the trek in his son’s memory, and brings along his ashes to help his son finish his journey. Although the man commits to doing this journey alone, he picks up several people along the way and they all begin to learn each other’s stories and bond. The first man he meets is trying to lose weight for a wedding. The woman he meets “is trying to quit smoking”, although her true intentions are revealed at the end. The second man he meets is a writer who’s experiencing writer’s block. But in the end they’re all captivated by the main character’s journey and follow him as they all find out “what it means to be a pilgrim”. They all find different answers to that question, but I really feel like a lot of it was just about accepting their lives and following Daniel’s words, “You don’t choose a life, dad. You live one.”.

I saw this movie in my room since my roommate had it.

I liked the theme and story of this movie. It reminded me a lot of the peaceful quest in “Into the Wild” and “Peaceful Warrior”. I guess I just like these kinds of movies.

My only complaints with this movie were a couple of filming choices. Some of the night scenes were too dark to see the characters clearly and I had to strain my eyes every once in a while. Another problem was the occasional camera view from an odd angle. Some of the characters faces would be out of frame a little and some just didn’t make much sense to me. 

That all being said, I’d say this movie is a must see! I can’t remember the last movie to make me tear up like this. There were at least three pivotal moments that made me want to cry. If you have the chance, watch this movie! It’s on sale at Walmart, and worth setting time aside for. 


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