sex, lies, and videotape


Director – Steven Soderbergh

This story revolves around a woman who’s husband is having an affair with her sister. She discusses her husband inviting his old school friend to stay with them for a while with her therapist and how she’s unhappy that he didn’t consult her first. However, she turns out liking the man until she realizes he has an unhealthy obsession with filming women talk about their sex lives. During the film, the woman realizes that her husband is having an affair and rightly guesses with her sister. Although he denies the affair at first, she later finds proof and leaves him. Her husband, in a fit of rage, goes to his friends house after finding out that his wife made a video with him. Although it isn’t shown in the video, it is assumed that she slept with him. The movie oddly ends with all of the relationships very backwards to how they were before. The couple is separated, her husband is alone and likely about to lose his job. She’s now with her husband’s friend, and her sister seems to be alone. 

I saw this movie in my room on a Monday night for homework and it seemed like an interesting film. I liked the way it changed the relationships and attitudes of the characters, however I was disappointed with the way that it was filmed. It seemed more like a short film a college student would film than anything else. It was well done, but didn’t leave a lasting affect. The conflict was only the affair and the friend’s fetish. Nothing that seemed too violent or disruptive to captivate an audience. I wouldn’t recommend this movie for casual viewing, but I would for analysis. It had an interesting concept, but the characters seemed too dull. The changing relationships and symbolism in the film were worth noting. For example the relationship between the colors the characters were wearing and their contrasting personalities. Again, it’s worth seeing analytically. It was an okay film. Nothing to write home about. 


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