Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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Director: Ang Lee

The basic story was about a girl who stole a very fine crafted sword and was being pursued by two talented martial artists. While the special effects were fairly simple and went far beyond belief it was still a very interesting concept. I ended up watching the entire movie in Chinese, so some of the dialogue was lost on me. My Chinese isn’t near that level, but much of the movie had simple dialogue. I watched this movie in my room after finishing some homework and was surprised to see that it was two hours long. Needless to say it ate the night away. I chose to watch this film because I adore Chinese language and culture, and I’ve heard great things about this film. I liked a number of things about it, including the antique set design and the fight choreography. I did however, notice some things that made the movie unappealing. Some of the special effects were very poor considering it’s somewhat recent release. For example; the flying, running, certain kung fu moves, etc. Likewise the dialogue controlled the movie which was surprising since it comes off as an action movie. Let me just say it’s no Bourne movie. Ultimately, I would recommend this film, but with a caviate that it would be better to watch the English subbed or dubbed version.


One thought on “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  1. Talk about the special effects that you did not like – was it the flying? BTW, the dialect of Chow Yun-Fat was apparently not quite right so you may be responding to some issues there. Impressed that you watched it with no sub-titles

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