Online Show Review: Hellsing Ultimate Abridged

Nearly every October, TeamFourStar puts out a new episode of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, and this year's was extraordinary! The plot loosely follows the originals as many abridged shows do, but their portrayal of Alucard is absolutely brilliant! If you haven't already checked out episodes 1-7, I highly recommend giving them a watch first as [...]


Anime Review: My Hero Academia (Season Two)

It's an anime that's been on everyone's mind this season with more action, *quirks* and vivid color than every before! The students of UA make a fantastic return filled with a tournament arc, a training arc, and action-packed showdowns that really draw the viewers in. If you haven't checked out my review for Season One, [...]

Anime Review: Dragon Ball Super

In case you didn't already know, Dragon Ball is considered by many to be the franchise that brought anime to the US and defined a genre. It inspired thousands, if not millions, of children and adults across the world. It's probably THE reason I'm even remotely in shape. I would do pushups and sit ups [...]

Movie Review: Blade Runner (Original and 2049)

I first saw the original Blade Runner when I was a kid on what used to be called the SciFi network. Or did I? Either way my memories of the movie were fuzzy, so before seeing the new Blade Runner 2049 I decided to watch the original for comparison. Unfortunately what I watched was apparently [...]

So I guess I’m a Twitch streamer now

First off, before I go into this main post, I just want to thank everyone who are continuing to read this blog even though I've only been keeping it sparsely updated. It's been a while since I've done an actual review of anything, but they'll be back soon I promise! Little update going into this [...]