Gen 2 Pokédex Progress

So about a week ago I wrote about my disaster in Pokémon Crystal where all my progress was erased. Fortunately that didn't deter me from going after gen two's pokédex anyway. After work one afternoon I decided to check out a local game shop, and found they had dozens of copies of Yellow and Gold available with … Continue reading Gen 2 Pokédex Progress


My Lost 48 hours of Pokémon Crystal

A short story about my last couple days binging Pokémon Crystal.

How to Get a Shiny Ditto in Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

For this method you will need two Game Boy devices, a trading cable, a first gen game (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow) with access to Route 23's grassy area (Pokémon Mansion for Yellow players), and a second gen game (Gold/Silver/Crystal) with the shiny Gyarados. Step One Transfer your shiny Gyarados to gen one and go to the Celadon Department Store. You'll … Continue reading How to Get a Shiny Ditto in Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Rooster Teeth Community 10 Year Anniversary

December 28th, 2007 I begin a journey into the world of the Rooster Teeth community, and I haven't looked back since. Well I mean I guess I have... A lot actually. Wait this isn't how this was supposed to go. First, let me explain a little bit about what Rooster Teeth is all about. They're … Continue reading Rooster Teeth Community 10 Year Anniversary

Crunchyroll Guest Pass Giveaway #1

So yeah I know most of you probably already have a Crunchyroll subscription and don't need a guest pass, but now that I'm starting to accumulate them I figured I might as well do a few little fun contests to give them away! And wouldn't you know it, I thought of the perfect random question … Continue reading Crunchyroll Guest Pass Giveaway #1